Our Mission & The Team behind Little Professors:

Our mission at Little Professors is to make science & stem subjects fun and exciting for young children and help contribute to their understanding of how nature and the world around them works. Given children’s in-born curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning new things, we want to create an environment where they can have fun, experiment and learn facts, which can help them, understand our world!

The concept for Little Professors was developed by Jade in 2016. When looking for classes for her 3 year old son Grayson to attend Jade found a lack of educational extra murals offering the STEM curriculum.

Although she could find sports and creative classes she found nothing that would teach her son about the world around him and nurture skills valuable for him later in life. Thus Little Professors was created and developed to offer fun and exciting classes for kids focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The subjects are taught in a fun, project-based way following a different theme each week, so that children can connect to science from an early age. Jades vision was to inspire kids to go away with enthusiasm about learning and wanting to know more about nature, the wonderful world and how things work.

Coming from a teaching background with over 10 years experience, Little Professors was a perfect fit for Sheron. Sheron had wanted to be able to spend more time with her 4 year old daughter, but at the same time not give up on doing what she loves and has a passion for, teaching. When Jade approached Sheron with the concept, she sprang at the idea, knowing that this concept is something that will benefit all children immensely, and what better way to learn real life happenings, but in a fun and exciting manner.